STS’s latest product video “Introducing PayOp” available online now

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

All of us at STS Payments (STS) have been very busy behind the scenes working on the company’s newest software product offering, PayOp. PayOp is a powerful terminal and payments operational system and we are excited to be able to tell you more about it in our new product video “Introducing PayOp”.

We all know that a merchant’s payment systems are a critical component of their business, and so any disruption to service can have a detrimental impact on them and their end customers. Once a business’s payments solution goes live, the merchant and service providers need to ensure that it will stay up-and-running and up-to-date.

Comprising traditional terminal management functions with advanced smart features, PayOp will provide payments solution and service providers with an easy and efficient way to fully manage their terminal estate, minimising disruption both in dealing with routine maintenance operations and unforeseen circumstances alike. Core features will include real-time terminal status reporting, the ability to remotely update and configure firmware, and asset tracking to maintain Chain of Custody compliance if using P2PE.

The PayOp video explains more about the product and describes some of the features and smart tools that will be included to help customers manage and maintain their terminals effectively.

Howard Buck, Development Leader at STS says, “We are excited to see PayOp development progressing smoothly, and my team are working hard to bring the product to life. Following excellent feedback from our G8 video, we wanted to create a PayOp video to show our partners and the industry our vision for the future of managing payments systems end-to-end. Combining routine maintenance functions with business insight and real-time reporting, this vision finally gives business-critical payments acceptance the focus it deserves. We hope that everyone finds the video helpful and informative and we look forward to hearing what our viewers have to say!”

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