Our G8 product allows secure card acceptance in-store or from a business premises. It separates payments processing logic from an EPOS or business application. G8 has been pre-integrated with a wide variety of PIN pads, business applications, payment switches, PSPs and acquirers.

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  • G8:Enterprise runs as a data center or cloud payment application
  • Providing a global payments platform with a single API
  • G8 can be installed on a PC, EPOS system, countertop or mobile terminal
  • PA-DSS certified and Visa/MasterCard, EMV and PCI compliant
  • G8:Client securely manages the payment card acceptance process
  • Interacts with devices, applications and systems as required
  • G8 can be installed on an EPOS system, mobile terminal or PIN pad
  • PA-DSS certified and Visa/MasterCard, EMV and PCI compliant

What is it?

G8 is a payment application that is functionally rich, highly flexible and delivers high performance. 

This java application has a modern architecture which simplifies system integration, enables portability and a fast time to market. A range of pre-integrated G8 Plug-ins allow secure EMV processing, contactless card acceptance and the introduction of value added smart card applications. An innovative feature of G8 is its support for cloud based deployments.  


Modern architecture

Java application providing portability and independence

Highly flexible design, created from unrivalled payments experience  

Plug-ins and SDK allow easy and rapid customisation

High performance

Extremely fast transaction processing times

Designed for high transaction environments

High system scalability and reliability

Any card

Accepts all major credit, debit and prepaid cards

Supports contact chip, contactless and mag stripe technologies

Global platform including Online PIN support

Deployment options

Wide choice and mixture of installation options supported

On device, in data center or move to a cloud deployment

Multi instance deployments delivering improved resilience

Functionally rich

Online and offline PIN support

International markets and multi currency processing

Secure offline card acceptance plus store and forward

Time to market

Fast project implementations and certifications

Rapid system integration and bespoke development

Quick to introduce new value added services


Extensive range of PIN pads, devices and applications supported

Isolates payments processing from business applications

Future proof design, providing investment protection

Solution suite

G8 forms part of a broader solution portfolio

SmartNS - Smart Card Framework; Emvelink – EMV Level 2 kernel

Pedlr – Mobile payments integration laye