In order for card payments to function correctly multiple parties and systems have to work together effectively. The payments value chain typically includes: card issuers, international payment networks, merchant acquirers, payment service providers, merchants and cardholders. Cardholders have to be verified and authenticated. Card and transaction details have to be captured, transmitted, processed, authorised and the funds settled. All payment processing systems have to integrate seamlessly together.

The payments eco-system is diverse and complex, particularly since the migration to smart cards. In order to ensure global interoperability and high levels of data security protection, rigorous certifications and end-to-end testing have to be completed. As a key player in the payments industry STS has established partnerships with leading organisations from each category. This smoothes communications, simplifies system integration, reduces certification timescales and allows issues to be resolved quickly.

STS primarily goes to market via a series of strategic partners. These organisations are typically leaders in their respective fields and geographies. As part of a comprehensive partner program STS offers training, technical assistance, plus sales and marketing support, allowing them to resell its solution set and to deliver implementation services and customer support.