Smart Technology Solutions launches G8way – the world’s first global EFT payment solution

Friday, November 28, 2008

Smart Technology Solutions Limited (STS), an innovator in providing smart card solutions, announces the launch of G8way, using its award winning EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) application, Emvelink. G8way delivers the first flexible payment solution to support all payments standards through one simple integration to either a retailers EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) system or as a stand-alone payments terminal.

For multinational companies G8way means the standardisation of payments infrastructure across international operations rather than running multiple systems. Through the use of existing IP infrastructures G8way will also centralise reporting capabilities, greatly reducing information management overheads. And being PA-DSS compliant, G8way also lends itself to PCI-DSS compliance – helping reduce compliance costs in the future.

G8way’s unique IP-based architecture provides a centrally managed Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) solution, providing retailers with complete control over their own infrastructure. This centralised approach reduces costs for retailers and terminal operators by removing the need to manage local “thick client software” as well as polling of transactions and on-going firmware updates.

Alaric, a leading supplier of advanced technology payments products and services, has chosen G8way to integrate into its Authentic product - a modern EFT authorisation and routing system for merchants, acquirers and issuers of credit, debit, charge and private label cards. Specifically targeted at the card payments market, Alaric is now able to deliver its highly configurable payment technology directly to the merchant and service provider community, while enhancing existing customers who already include large global financial processors and institutions.

G8way enables the easy introduction of payment services, such as mobile payments, contactless, e-top up, gift and loyalty card schemes, across the globe without the need to change core payment systems, saving retailers time and money. The new technology reduces chip and PIN transaction times at the till as it utilises STS’ existing SmartNS and Emvelink products, which are already used throughout the world in upwards of 100,000 retailers.

Applications can be added as plug-ins to STS’ SmartNS architecture making it easy to deploy new applications from a central location. G8way automatically provides access to more than 35 PIN pads for kiosks, self-checkout and mobile environments.

G8way is suitable for retailers of all sizes, with the ability to process both card not present and card present transactions. For larger retailers, G8way is available as a software solution that can be managed by in-house technical teams or as a hosted managed service, allowing retailers to outsource the management requirements.

“G8way adds flexibility enabling businesses to process sales in multiple markets through use of a single, centralised payments solution,” Said Cameron Olsen, Vice President, Business Development, STS. “G8way’s Java platform allows retailers to remain system and application agnostic in their approach to future technology implementations.”

Steve Lomax, Sales and Marketing Director, Alaric, said “We are very impressed with STS’ unique offering. G8way allows us to deliver sophisticated payment solutions specifically tailored to customers’ needs, ensuring they retain complete control of their payments system and allowing them to fully maximize their investment.”