STS conducts survey to determine most popular PIN pad readers

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

As part of its Product Led approach, STS has conducted a survey of its partners to vote for the PIN pad readers they think should be supported in the future.

Having become a Product Led company in November 2013, the company decided to focus on enhancing its product sets to meet the needs of the industry more closely, and conducting surveys would be a good way to obtain this vital information.

The questionnaire was issued to a range of people from its 15 live STS partners, representing 133,000 points of sale equipped with Emvelink and/or G8 software licences, as well as 5 potential new partners. STS proposed 6 new card reader options and asked the partners to confirm which would be most useful and to rate their order of preference.

The device options were as follows:
• MagTek DynaPro and Mini
• Miura M007
• PAX S300, S800 & S900
• Spire SP range
• Worldline Yomani

The survey results showed that there is considerable interest in alternatives to Ingenico and Verifone devices with Miura and Spire being the biggest contenders for these. However, STS found there was little difference in popularity between the MagTek, Yomani, Pax and HTEC OPT.

Steve Turner, CEO of STS, commented, “Miura is significantly more popular than the others with Spire leading the remainder which were fairly evenly matched. The comments showed quite an interest in the Miura Shuttle which shares its firmware with the M007 and therefore support for one will provide support for the other.”

STS will use this information alongside the results of other surveys, due to be released in the near future, to help influence more of its roadmap. This will help the company achieve its aim to develop products and services that sell themselves and ensure that its products more closely match the demands of its partners.