STS enters its 18th year of payments software

Monday, November 30, 2015

October 2015 marked the end of another very successful year for STS. Having just turned 18, it is encouraging to see the company has once again exceeded its annual target, providing a positive start to the new financial year. We’ve also recently taken on 4 new developers, thus continuing our pledge to invest in our development team as part of our product led approach.

The 2014/15 year saw some very exciting developments for the company, and many of these are due in a large part to the continued support of STS’ loyal partners. Many of these partnerships have been going strong for several years now and it is great to see that these partners continue to return to us for their payments software requirements. STS strives to be known as payments acceptance software specialists and we hope that this is how the industry continues to see us. To show our gratitude to our partners, we held a very successful Partner Day at Guildford Cricket Ground back in June 2015, which allowed us and key representatives from the industry to meet in a social environment. We were able to celebrate our successes and share our plans for the future and this was very well received by our partners, cementing our plans to arrange another day in the coming year.

STS is pleased to announce that it entered into exciting strategic partnerships with several leading payment solution providers in the US and Europe, which will be announced officially in the not too distant future. These new partners will see our solutions implemented into multiple sectors throughout the coming year. These partners specialise in the travel industry, introducing our software into new airlines and ferry companies as well as being used at airport check-in desks.

Looking forwards to the 2015/16 year, we have many exciting opportunities ahead of us. We want to ensure our partner’s needs are kept at the forefront of the business and so, following some recent partner surveys and discussions, a big focus for STS this year will be to develop a smart Terminal Management System (TMS). Customers want to monitor their payment terminals better to ensure they can act efficiently should a terminal develop a fault and we are hoping our TMS solution will enable this to avoid any major issues.

We are also proud to state that we have consistently achieved 100% first time passes for EMV certifications and bank accreditation testing since the company’s establishment. We are delighted that this continues to remain true, meaning our partners will benefit from this as we go through lab testing for several payment devices in support of new customer deployments over the course of the year.

STS will continue to invest more into strengthening its online presence in order to better communicate with the industry through a variety of marketing activities such as website enhancements and updates to the company Twitter and Linked-In accounts, so be sure to follow us to keep up to date with the latest STS news: @stspayments and STS Payments.

We very much look forward to another year of success as we work with partners, both old and new, to continue building on the strengths that have made us the company we are today.

Should you wish to contact us for further information, please do so via the Contact Us form on the website.