STS gains new EMVCo approval for G8 application

Monday, January 5, 2015

STS is pleased to announce that it has gained its latest EMVCo Level 2 approval; this time for its new G8 Toll Interface payment application supporting the Ingenico iSelf payment device.

The approval is for terminal type 25 and follows the EMV 4.3c specifications meaning transactions can be performed both online and offline. The Ingenico iSelf device supports both IP and serial connections and has contact and contactless capabilities.

Initially obtained for a river crossing toll booth operator, where speed of transaction is critical, this approval allows for unattended payment terminals to process all types of payments extremely quickly so that drivers can swiftly continue on with their journeys.

The customer wanted to refresh its existing payment solution as their current terminals were no longer being supported by the manufacturer.

This approval covers multiple EMV Level 1 card readers and all unattended environments that do not require cardholder PIN verification such as ticketing systems, kiosks and other toll schemes.

Bing Dai, Senior Channel Manager at STS, said, β€œIt is great that STS has managed to obtain approval for another unattended device using the G8 payment application. This allows us to continue supporting our existing customer, as well as providing a greater variety of payment terminals to our partners, something that we pride ourselves on being able to offer.”