STS launches its new mobile payments solution at RBTE 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

Smart Technology Solutions’ (STS) latest product offering Pedlr, will allow merchants and retailers of all sizes to accept card payments securely wherever the customer is located. Pedlr, can be used anywhere on the shop floor, not needing to be tied to a fixed point of sale terminal; at “pop-up” shops used at temporary sites and in peak trading periods; and at outdoor locations by field-sales teams, micro-merchants and sole-traders. The application can be linked to a retailer’s merchandising system providing up-selling product opportunities. Pedlr can initially be implemented as a standalone solution for a proof-of-concept and can later be integrated into the merchant’s POS application to improve operational efficiencies. In both cases it reduces PCI-DSS compliance scope as no sensitive card data is stored or managed by either the EPOS business application or PIN pad. Due to STS’s support for the cloud and the flexibility of its G8way product, systems integration can be completed quickly and rapid deployment timescales can be achieved.

Pedlr was launched in March at the 2013 Retail Business Technology Exhibition. It was demonstrated by using an iPad coupled with a Miura MB400 chip and PIN device. The Pedlr application integrates to G8way and communicates via 3G or Wi-Fi to a cloud based, remotely located server. Initial reactions to the Pedlr solution have been very positive with many people, previously not believing that a payment application could work effectively in the cloud, now suitably convinced otherwise. The fast transaction speed, coupled with clear and consistent transaction flows, made it appear that both the business application and the payment processing application were located on the portable devices.

G8way operates as an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Client for payments systems and other transaction types initiated by card technology. Able to be installed locally or remotely, the application manages the messages between a chip and PIN payment device and a payment engine, switch and/or EFT application. It supports the industry standard messaging of EMV Contact and Contactless cards. With Pedlr, merchants can use any point of sale, fixed or mobile, through any payment provider with any card reader, meaning they aren’t tied down to the Miura device and can easily change to another PIN entry/card reader without forgoing their investment in the mobile solution.

When in operation with Pedlr, the transaction is initiated by the business application sending a message to G8way with the amount to be processed. G8way will take control of the associated payment terminal and initiate the necessary transaction processing. Once authorised by the Payment Gateway or bank, it will inform the business application that payment has been taken and a receipt and payment slip can be produced, either on a printer or sent to the customer via email.

Steve Turner, CEO of STS, said, “At STS, we continually strive to create innovative payment solutions. There has been significantly more interest in Pedlr than I expected and it shows that this is an area where merchants are seeking robust and flexible solutions that will give them the freedom to take card payments anywhere and at any time. Pedlr is our most recent mobile payment solution and it continues our hallmark of providing our customers with a secure method of paying for goods without the hassle of having to queue at a fixed till point”.

Nigel Storer, VP Business Development of STS, said, “We at STS pride ourselves on our continued ability to provide payment solutions, that solve the complex and diverse payment needs of merchants of any size across the globe. With a growth strategy and product road map set to accommodate all tiers of the expanding Payments Industry, Pedlr is an ideal solution to meet a merchants mobile payments requirements.”

If you wish to know more about the Pedlr application or any of STS’ products and solutions, please contact the main office on +44(0)20 8680 0252 or send an email