STS launches online video - “Introducing G8”

Friday, February 26, 2016

G8 is STS Payments’ flagship product - a flexible, feature-rich, agnostic payment application and the glue sticking the different components of a payment solution together. G8 accepts all major payment methods and provides merchants with a variety of deployment options.

Are you still with us?

For some, the technical jargon may be too much to handle which is why, here at STS, we are proud to release our online demonstration video – “Introducing G8”.

Although G8 was launched in 2008, we have found that over the years it’s not always been the easiest product to explain and has left even the most technical-minded people scratching their heads. So we wanted to create a video to perfectly explain what G8 is and does.

The video takes you on a journey through G8’s main functions and features, explains its various deployment options and shows how a G8 payment transaction works from start to finish: all in a clear, concise, animated video format.

Steve Turner, CEO of STS Payments says “G8 has so many features and options to allow merchants to accept electronic payments wherever and however they choose, and because G8 can provide a great number of device and deployment options making it one of a kind, we need to be able to explain this clearly. This video is inspired and just brilliant!”

STS hopes that viewers will agree the video demonstrates exactly what G8 is capable of and how it can improve a merchant’s payment offering, and we welcome any comments you might have via our Contact-Us page.

If you haven’t already done so, please view the video here and be sure to come back to our website in the future for further product videos and articles.