STS supports the Bluebird BIP-1300

Monday, April 5, 2010

STS has further extended its integrated hardware device range by integrating with the Bluebird Soft Inc (Bluebird) BIP-1300.

The BIP-1300 is a mobile POS solution developed and manufactured by Bluebird. The BIP-1300 is an all-in-one enterprise PDA. It is integrated with barcode scanner, MSR, IC card reader, thermal printer as well as voice and data communication and WLAN. It has the ability to perform point-of-sale activities such as receipt printing, ticketing and high-speed data transfer in the single device.

The BIP-1300 is set to be used in various markets across Europe, with partners already using the BIP-1300 in the transportation industry. Currently the BIP-1300 is used on airlines, railways and ferries supporting EMV transactions at the cardholder's seat.

The BIP-1300 has been integrated into STS' SmartNS software framework and will use STS' EMV Level 2 kernel, Emvelink, allowing the device to support EMV certified transactions. The integration of SmartNS will allow plug and play access for the BIP-1300 for existing STS partners.

STS is pleased to be working with Bluebird in using new technology to bring further variety and flexibility to the way payments are made, whilst demonstrating STS' own ability to support new hardware and adapt to our partner's needs.