PayOp is a powerful terminal and payments operational system which comprises traditional terminal management functions, such as device firmware updates, along with advanced features including asset tracking, transaction analytics and providing operational insight.

PayOp allows you to establish independence from terminal manufacturers. Here are 10 compelling business reasons why this is important​.

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Terminal management

  • Live view of terminal status
  • Remote software updates
  • Organise devices into groups for easy management
  • Perform bulk operations on groups of devices

Meet P2PE requirements

  • Asset tracking for device chain-of-custody
  • Validate terminal serial numbers and firmware versions before allowing payments
  • On-demand terminal validation

Choice and flexibility

  • Device and vendor agnostic
  • Centrally deployed for maximum control
  • Simple API for cross-system integration
  • Easy to use, modern web UX

Payments is a critical component of any merchant’s business and any disruption to service will have a direct impact on their business and their end customers. Once a payments solution goes live, merchants or service providers have the responsibility to make sure it stays up-and-running and up to date. They require an easy to use operational toolset that proactively manages payment applications and terminals thereby helping to prevent downtime. This includes dealing with routine maintenance operations like updates as well as unforeseen circumstances.

PayOp is a Java Enterprise (J2EE) database-backed application which is typically installed on a central server. Deployed alongside STS’ G8 software, PayOp can provide the latest terminal and system status information. Using a web front-end, solution and service providers can administrate all aspects of payments-related configuration, track terminal usage and spot potential problems in real-time. Its simple, but comprehensive, API allows integration with other business systems, making it the must-have operational tool for managing complex payment solutions.

Core Features

Additional Features

Smart Features

PayOp Insight allows system maintainers to stay ahead of the game by anticipating problems and spotting discrepancies automatically. Using a wealth of data collected from the PayOp agents, combined with state-of-the-art analytical techniques and STS’ extensive payments knowledge yields interesting and useful insights into the workings of a payments solution.